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Hey everyone! 

My name is Kendra Bolden. I am the owner of Let's Leverage Your Way To Success LLC. So a bit about who I am.. I'm  originally from California, but I have lived in many places. To name a few there is California, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina and even Alaska! 

My final duty station while on Active Duty in the Army was in Alaska. I had an amazing eight and a half year run and after scaling the ranks to Staff Sergeant I hit a wall. Health can be such a pain in the butt! That is when I came to realize just how important raising my daughter truly is to me. 

So what do I do?  I don't believe in a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" method. Frankly that just seems a bit narrow minded to me. We all learn differently, have similar needs but different desires and situations. My intentions are to give people hope in gaining financial freedom. I find that introducing folks to multiple proven methods of reaching a common goal is much more successful than trying to pound one method into someones mind. 

Spending time with my daughter and family is vitally important to me. I knew once my health had a few hiccups that God was giving me a second chance. These days I am able to do as I please each day. I have taken back my life. My leisure time is just that. Mine. I am on a journey to recovery and I make no apologies for that. 

I am a consultant and business owner. I have found a way to leverage proven systems in order to brand and promote in order to earn a full-time income online. I have this amazingly rare, real opportunity to assist YOU in changing your life too. 

Don't delay, let me help you in starting your journey to financial freedom. 

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Does the idea of creating residual income on your own schedule, while you sleep, while the kids nap, while you sit on a beach and soak in the sun sound like the business for you? 

What about building up the business you already have to generate your business more revenue? If you have a brick and mortar business or are an affiliate leveraging other companies products then this is the place for you! Don't let technology scare you away, I have something that can fit just about all learning styles.

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Let the journey begin!

Does 1-on-1 Coaching, Mentorship, Access to Webinars, done for you emails, and commissions $1k, $3K, $5K or $10K sound impressive? Does it sound too good to be true? I thought so too at first. That is until my first week and commissions of over $1600. I was a believer after that! 

Let me show you the way! 

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